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Client Testimonials and the Tales of a Flaneur Newsletter 01

It's been a busy and rewarding July: creating new images around London and working with some fabulous clients. Here are two recent testimonials:

"I would like to finally take this opportunity to talk about John as I think the world should know about him. He's a man full of surprises, blessed with a magnificent talent and a magnificent sense of communication, and he knew straight away how to place my trust in him and put me at ease. With John, one never wastes time; you experience his passion perfectly before it emerges that he's already taken some 'test shots' which turn out later to be just as brilliant as those taken during the shoot itself. John is not one of those photographers who messes around and luckily snatches one of two usable photos. No, John takes his time, prepares his frame, and when he snaps, it's an unparalleled work of art that emerges from his lens. John is in the ascendant at the moment, and will only get better in the professional arena; I forecast that it won't be long until his shooting star becomes amongst the biggest in photography." - Nafil
"I really enjoyed modelling for John and loved discovering an incredible new place in London." - Clélia

It was an absolute pleasure to work with them both and really appreciate their kind words.

I also launched my first newsletter! Every month I will share a brief note from my travels, showcase some new work on sale and keep you up to date on forthcoming exhibitions. The next issue will appear in your inbox on 1 August, so subscribe now.

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