A photography blog with travel and feature stories by John Matthews, a photographer and flâneur based in London, England.

Professional photos, personal service - unique portraits that say something about you!

Along with my fugitive images in mist and fog, I also specialise in creating distinctive, beautiful portrait photographs that capture the individuality of the sitter. Unlike most professional photographers who use digital cameras to take multiple images in pre-defined poses and settings, I use traditional medium format and 35mm film to give each image a truly unique look and feel.

Portrait Gallery: You are the People

My approach is to photograph the client in his or her everyday world: at home, in a well-loved place or outside in a place of natural beauty, not in a studio. Typically, my clients and I spend 30 mins over a cup of coffee or tea to make sure we're both clear about what we'd like to achieve before we get started. This can be done on the day or in advance, as specified by you.

As an option, I offer a printing service at an additional fee - for example, large format prints, canvases or a photo book - this is fully flexible, and your requirements can be discussed once you have seen the final images.

I also provide a high-quality service making actors' head shots as well as more stylised portraits, sometimes in the style of a particular film, that show the unique personality of the performer.

The key to what I do is providing a personal service that gives the client a set of images they will love, so please don't hesitate to contact me and book a session.