A photography blog with travel and feature stories by John Matthews, a photographer and flâneur based in London, England.

Flâneur Newsletter 09 - March 2012 - Changes

For the past couple of weeks, I laboured nights and weekends to bring you a wholly new version of my Tales of a Flânuer web site. When I'm not roving around London or exploring delightfully desolate moors, I manage digital projects for an agency and my old site just wasn't responsive enough to my needs. I wanted a fresh, beautiful site that also addressed these two concerns:

  • Photographs presented boldly, simply
  • Words blended with images as photo-essays

And now Tales of a Flâneur unfolds as follows:

  • Blog - where I write about what I'm working on, new viewings, thoughts about photography (e.g., here)
  • Projects - all my various photo essays listed out, straightforward to scan my work
  • Shop - if you fancy buying a print or book

I've splashed large, luscious images throughout the site. It's lovely on a desktop or laptop, but it looks amazing on an iPad. Textures shimmer and the images float delicately atop the page. If you don't already have an iPad, go to the Apple Store and have a look. It's intimate and personal and the ideal way to enjoy the words and photographs on Tales of a Flânuer.

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