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Flâneur Newsletter 08 - February 2012 - Romance and a Free iBook

In 2002, I sold everything I owned, obtained a month's leave from my job in publishing and went on a sojourn through Italy. I returned with a heap of photographs and a journal full of word-pictures. The strong colours and magnificent seascapes in villages of the Cinque Terre, five settlements carved into the hillside along the Ligurian coast, particularly inspired me. I wrote a short story taken from my writing and, a couple of years ago, I returned for a romantic holiday - and to make some pictures.

I've put together a book that brings those words and pictures together and it's called “Where Here & Now Cease To Matter”. It's available exclusively for iPad. There are over 60 sun-drenched photographs from the Cinque Terre in full-screen galleries that look exquisite on iPad. The intimacy of the device make iPad a sensual, tactile way to experience my photography. As you read the story, tap any gallery image to see the series full-screen - it’s stunning. If you enjoy my work, please consider making a small donation. The next issue of my newsletter will appear in your inbox in March, so subscribe now.

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Download: Where Here & Now Cease To Matter for iPad