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Thank you for Photolounge 2010

A very warm thank you to everyone who stopped by the Old Truman Brewery to see some images from my Tales of a Flaneur. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to everyone who inquired about my work and to my fellow image-makers holding exhibitions of their own (the duo behind Miss Aniela being particularly cheeky in their use of abandoned spaces; I love the slippery sense of identity that fuels the "Abandoned" series).

The most rewarding aspect of these eclectic public shows is the random connections one makes. It's nice to cease my flaneurism for a weekend and root myself in time and space and exchange ideas, find work I love and loathe and generally have my perspective and assumptions about ... everything ... challenged.

And thank you as well to Tamsin and Rhiannon at The Old Truman Brewery and to the organisers of Photomonth!