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The Old Coach Road

At university I wrote a Lovecraftian story about an ancient evil that pervades a small town - conveyed along "The Old Coach Road". My mum made up ghostly tales about a neighbouring road and this inspired my story.
To prep for a student film of the story, I made dozens of 35mm black and white test photos of locations in Blairstown and Hardwick in New Jersey, USA. Over the holidays, I scanned and restored the original negatives.

These are pictures of the woods and my family's old home, of the ruined Spring Valley Church and documentary images along the streets of Blairstown - all were made between 1993 and 1995. Jeffrey Allen Rydell was the cinematographer on the film and is pictured below. You may even get a glimpse of my very young self beneath the arches of the gristmill-turned-library, too!

The film was never completed, but I have considered digitising the 16mm footage and bringing the piece to a fitting end. We'll see ...

View: The Old Coach Road