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It starts from curiosity

This Radio Open Source conversation between Christopher Lydon and Bernd Heinrich resonated with me. Perhaps it reminded me of my childhood spent in the countryside, my complicated relationship with the natural world and some recent musings on one's life and death.

It's a fun, earthy conversation and this particular passage by Heinrich, in response to a question about how one would learn to live as he, reminded me very much of my approach to photography (and life):

"It starts from curiosity. There are new things I see all the time. But basically it starts from being one place for a long time. Where you see changes from hour to hour, from day to day, from week to week, month to month, from year to year. I would train you to be in one spot and really get to know it and feel at home there. Once you do feel at home you'll want to know more and more [...] that's where I think it really starts, not understanding everything."

That’s precisely what I try and do with my images – examine, consider, scrutinise, explore, mull over, circle back and grasp ever so haltingly toward some greater truth. As much as I love to dive into new places, I find so much pleasure in returning to a beloved spot and discovering something new.