A photography blog with travel and feature stories by John Matthews, a photographer and flâneur based in London, England.

Client Testimonials and New Portraits

I love making portraits because of my endless curiosity about people: who they are, how they live, what they think and feel. Despite being lightly acquainted with most of my clients, I strive to convey a flash of insight into another person’s existence through my images. With insight comes empathy and, I hope, understanding.

I was really humbled by this testimonial from a recent client:

As an actor, I usually find photo shoots daunting. You're not hiding behind a character, you're baring your soul. After my shoot with John, I realised it's not so bad to bare a little of your soul. When I pose for photos I like to be told exactly what to do. John knew exactly what he wanted and this made me feel very secure. From the moment we started the shoot, John made me feel very at ease and relaxed. He really brings out the 'true you' in pictures and he does this by getting to know you while he takes the photos. With his mix of great camera skills and genuine interest in his client, John produced some terrific photos. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and will most definitely be using John again for my headshots. - William

If you’re a performer who needs headshots or portfolio images - or indeed if you simply would love a unique portrait of yourself or a loved one - please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.